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Leasing copiers and printers have been the norm for decades, and suddenly up pops PrinterGuys with a ground-breaking concept that sounds too good to be true! What should you choose? Moreover, what are the actual differences?

Rent through PrinterGuys?

Our concept involves 100% transparency. Everything you need to know about our rental concept is on our website with no frills.

You can’t say the same about leasing concepts. Firstly, it is not possible to get an overview on any website. You need to call and arrange a meeting with a copier salesperson, and even in a meeting, it’s difficult to get all the intricate details explained. You only get those when you (or your lawyer) read the lease agreement. The chrome-plated overview of leasing. No one can show you that. Lease agreements are as individual as the companies behind them.
We operate a day-to-day cancellation.

You call us – we think it should be that simple. Your contract with us is cancelled the next business day. We will contact you to arrange collection of the machine. If you have pre-paid rent, you will have the excess amount corresponding to the number of days you do not use the machine refunded. After we have collected the machine, you will receive a final invoice for the number of pages.

What if I lease?
A typical lease agreement will run for 60 months, 24 quarters or in everyday language, 5 years. Then you’ll be on the safe side if you can predict your print/copy needs 5 years into the future. That’s a long time. Cancellation is not really an option in leasing agreements unless you pay the leasing company the outstanding debt that is left on the contract – but why would you do that? So, you might as well keep the machine! Moreover, the meaning is that you probably want to get rid of it?
No. Toner is included in the printer subscription price. The printer tells us automatically when a toner cartridge soon needs to be changed. We send your consumables post-paid with GLS.

The only requirement we ask is that you return the old toner cartridges. Post-paid boxes are provided for the purpose. The reason is that they represent a value, and that, moreover, it is part of the environmental programme we run.

No. All service and repairs are included in the monthly rental price, and our service is, of course, nationwide. PrinterGuys are part of PrintWise – Denmark’s most committed partner in printing and plotter solutions with 20 years of experience behind them and a number of Denmark’s leading companies on the customer list.

Our support hotline is open weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm. Our standard service includes that we start troubleshooting at the latest the next business day after your call. In many cases, it can be handled over the phone or that we have “remote access” to the printer (we give instructions over the phone). If we need to send an engineer, it is agreed, and we can usually come out within 1-2 days.

Also, what about service if you lease the machine?

Service agreements are typically included in the lease agreement. When you are visited by a copier salesperson for the first time, it’s not unusual that they only mention the lease payment on the machine itself, so the quote seems attractive.

Once you have had the machine for 2-3 years, it has been known for the copier salesperson to call you and tell you that the machine has become more expensive to service. The explanation ends up with that if you don’t swap the machine now, then you will get an extra bill each month. And who wants that? Then, of course, you need a new machine – it’s only slightly more expensive than the old one, but then it’s also new.

You need to be aware of this. It typically ends with a new lease agreement, which risks you being tied for another 5 years (and possibly includes the remaining debt from the old machine). It can be a vicious circle with you as the loser.

No. At PrinterGuys, the subscription price you pay when entering into the contract is the monthly price you pay for 3, 5 or 7 years if you continue with the printer subscription for so long. We guarantee it. And remember: You can cancel your contract anytime! So, you are not tied into anything at all!

We can, of course, be forced to change our rental prices in line with the new machines being more expensive to buy. However, it will only affect you if you are ordering a new machine! If you already have a lease agreement with us, the original price is guaranteed until you cancel the agreement even if we choose to swap your old machine for a new one.

If I lease my new copier, are the services also fixed for the entire period?

You must read your lease agreement thoroughly. Optimally, it would be best if you did it through your lawyer, because there can be hidden pitfalls. An almost obligatory point is an annual index adjustment of 3%.
You can calculate yourself what that means for your payment in 3-, 4- or 5-years’ time. Another example is that you are contacted by the copier salesperson after 2-3 years, who informs you that it has become more expensive to service. The explanation ends up with that if you don’t swap the machine now, then you will get an extra bill each month. And who wants that?
Then, of course, you need a new machine – it’s only slightly more expensive than the old one, but then it’s also new, which may result in a revised lease agreement that runs for 5 new years (and probably also includes the remaining debt from the old machine).

Yes! Samsung is the world’s second largest printer manufacturer that is only surpassed by Canon.

In fact, HP has just bought the whole of Samsung’s printer division, which means that all new HP printers are Samsung machines inside.

In Denmark, last year JYSK choose to replace ALL of their printers worldwide for Samsung machines.

Samsung has manufactured printers for, among others, DELL, Konica Minolta, Xerox and Lexmark. You probably know them very well …

In a few cases, yes, but in most cases, no.

When you compare the cost of buying a copier yourself, then you should be aware that our printer subscription includes a complete service agreement with the machine, and ALL of your consumables are included in the subscription price. This means that are no costs for servicing and repairing the copier – it can be an expensive affair if you own your printer.

You should also check what the page price is if you buy a copier. The very small copiers and multifunction printers are tremendously expensive to run. Also, if you buy a second-hand copier, check the toner price BEFORE you buy it. It can be expensive in toner and service.

With a printer subscription with PrinterGuys, you are 100% protected against unforeseen costs. You can budget your costs. We are the only company in Denmark that dares to offer this unique printer subscription.

No. Only in very special cases can we deliver the machine on two pallets to the curb. It is for those customers who have many of our machines, where we have trained their IT people to install it themselves.

It’s not because we are some greedy people who just want to take your money. It’s because customers that have previously installed the machine were actually not particularly happy with it afterwards. It didn’t make life easier, as they had hoped.

We have taken the consequence that it’s PrinterGuys who install the machines we rent.

Then we are all 100% sure that everything works as it should, and that you will save time on your new machine from now on.

Yes, of course, you can.

We sell both new and second-hand printers.

All our second-hand copiers have always been serviced by our engineers who are specialists in Samsung copiers. Therefore, you are assured of a trouble-free machine even though it’s second-hand. Of course, we offer a 12-month onsite warranty on the second-hand copiers.

There is also the option of a full service agreement, including your toner usage. Exactly as if you had rented your copier from PrinterGuys.

Call us on +45 70225585 if you want to buy a second-hand copier that you know works.

You can choose to take out ALL-RISK insurance on your new copier.

Put simply; it covers virtually anything that could happen.

The policy is an insurance that covers:

– Water damage
– Fire
– Theft
– Accidental damage that you are to blame for

There is an excess on the insurance. It is typically DKK 2000-5000 depending on the printer model that it is taken out on.

No. The day your contract starts, for example, the 17th of the month is your cut-off date. I.e. you are charged for a new month on the 17th of each month in the future. Therefore, you must also cancel your printer subscription by the 17th of the month if it is not to run for another month. We normally charge the printer subscription quarterly in advance, unless you have chosen to pay annually and save 2 months a year.
There are both environmental and financial benefits by printing on both sides of the paper, but first of all, you must make sure that your printer is made to print on the “back” of the paper.
Many customers actually don’t know what it costs to print a page on their printer. The price is composed of several things like toner price, service costs of operation, as well as the depreciation of the printer.

At PrinterGuys, this also doesn’t matter. All your printouts are included in the price of your printer subscription. With us, there is only one single monthly price.

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