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1 printer

1 printer

For those who want to rent a single printer for a small or medium company without any unforeseen costs.

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Til dig, der vil have et fastpristilbud på leje af printere til den store virksomhed eller til forskellige lokationer.

2-50+ printers

For you who want a fixed price offer on printer rental for a large company or for different locations.

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Support til din printer

Support for your printer

We have collected all necessary drivers, manuals, and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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“The service is always top notch. If there is a small fault with the machine, it is dealt with immediately.”

Mette Vilhelmsen, Toft Administration

We rent professional printers on fair and transparent terms

Printing, scanning and copying should be easy for any company, large or small. At PrinterGuys, you can rent printers for businesses on fair and transparent terms at prices starting from DKK 500 per month.

Print, service and toner are always included in the subscription price, so you know exactly what your costs are each month, and you can cancel your rental agreement with one day’s notice.

Subscription price for our copiers



1.000 pages pr. month

For the small office, warehouse or shop that mostly prints a few pages at a time. You get a fast inkjet desktop printer for simple everyday printing tasks. Available with and without A3 option.

from 500

DKK per month incl. 1,000 pages of print



1.500 pages pr. month

For the company that regularly needs to both print and scan. You get a practical multifunction printer with touch display for the office’s large and small printing, copying and scanning tasks.


DKK per month incl. 1,500 pages of print



4.000 pages pr. month

For the company that often has large, complex print and scan jobs. You get a powerful multifunction printer with touch display for the company’s complex printing, copying and scanning tasks.


DKK per month incl. 4,000 pages of print

PrinterGuys deals exclusively with companies, and all stated prices are listed excl. VAT

The subscription price includes everything you need: rental of the printer, all your prints incl. service agreement, all toner consumption and shipping of toners. The only thing you have to pay for yourself is your paper and electricity for the machine. We do not distinguish between B/W and color pages.

“With a subscription to PrinterGuys we can adjust up and down as it suits us.”

SEED Capital

Why it makes sense to rent a printer from PrinterGuys

No commitment
You can rent a printer today and change or cancel your rental agreement tomorrow.

Nationwide service
Service is always included in your rental agreement, wherever you are in the country.

7 days delivery
We deliver and install the printer at your location within 7 calendar days throughout Denmark.

110% price guarantee
We will match the price and give you a 10% discount if you find a cheaper quote on a similar printer with the same terms.

Transparent agreement
With us, you get a rental agreement that is easy to understand. We write clearly what is included and what is not ‒ no complicated or hidden clauses.

We are certified
PrinterGuys is a certified HP Gold Imaging and Printing Partner and Epson IT+ Gold Partner.

Print with consideration

At PrinterGuys, we want to help you print with consideration so that together we can save the planet’s resources.

One way we do this is by buying the best, most user-friendly printers and copiers on the market from well-known brands like Samsung, Epson and HP ‒ machines that will last for years.

When we get a printer back from a customer, we don’t just throw it away. It is reset and tested thoroughly, and if it is fully functional, we reuse it.

You also have the option to rent inkjet printers, which use significantly less power per print than traditional laser printers.

Price guarantee: Cheapest printer rental on the market

We dare to say that we offer the best rental terms on the market. That is why we give you a 110% price guarantee.

We will match the price and give you an extra 10% discount if you can show us a lower quote for a similar printer on the same terms ‒ that is, the same good terms and a machine that matches in age and size.

20 years of experience with printers

At PrinterGuys, your printer or copier is always in safe hands. We have been servicing printers since 2001, and we know the machines inside out.

We know that a printer is an essential tool for any business. It should just work. Without any frills.

That is why we created PrinterGuys, to make having a printer and copier as easy as it should be ‒ if you ask us.

20 års erfaring20 års erfaring

We make an effort ‒ every day!

You have no minimum contract period when you rent a printer from PrinterGuys. Not even as much as a single day.

This means that we must make an effort and do our best every day because if you don’t like the service, you can just cancel your agreement.

Certified HP, Samsung and Epson partner

PrinterGuys is a certified HP Gold Imaging and Printing Partner and Epson IT+ Gold Partner.

These fine names mean that you can rest assured that your printer is in safe hands with our skilled employees, who receive ongoing thorough training in setting it up and maintaining it.

What the customers are saying about us

“At PrinterGuys, there are no unpleasant surprises in the form of additional bills. All contact works smoothly and it’s a great advantage that the service agreement is included in the price. Our extra copier was delivered and set up the day after I ordered it. It should be like this everywhere.”

“PrinterGuys have a fair and transparent concept that suits our dynamic company, where our need to print, scan and copy changes in line with our development. With a printer subscription, we have found a simple and inexpensive solution that makes it possible to scale printers to our needs.”

“Just the fact that you aren’t tied hand and foot into a 5-year contract is a priceless feeling. We are a project-orientated organisation, so our need for printers goes up and down. Long-term contracts ​are therefore, poison for us. With PrinterGuys, ​we can adjust up and down as it suits us.”

“Switching to PrinterGuys has made our working day easier because we don’t have to spend time changing ink or need a service.”

Dorte Kolind, CFO of PLAZA ure & smykker

Why rent your copier or printer?

Business copier rental

If you need a copier for the office, you’ve come to the right place. At PrinterGuys, you can rent great printers and copiers from well-known brands like Samsung, Epson and HP, whose convenient features make it easy for you and your employees to handle the working day tasks of printing, copying and scanning.

Our rental contract is 100% transparent

When you rent printers from PrinterGuys, you don’t get long, complicated contracts.

The terms of our rental contract are written in a language that everyone can understand, and it’s clear what is in the agreement and what is not (we have many lawyers among our clients for a reason!).

Rent instead of lease

Are you also tired of being tied to a long rental agreement at too high a price? At PrinterGuys we have put together a rental model that is 100% transparent and where you as a customer know exactly what you are paying for, and that you are not paying too much!

You can adjust the rental agreement to your needs

There is no minimum contract period when you rent your printer from us. You can actually rent a printer today and cancel or change your agreement tomorrow!

By renting your copier instead of leasing it, you get a flexible agreement that suits your company ‒ even when your printing needs change.

With us, you have no worries about outstanding debt, a long notice period or non-transparent fees. If you have prepaid printer rental when you cancel, you will of course get your money back for the remaining rental period.

Which model should you choose?

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Not sure which printer your company needs to rent? Then we will help you clarify your needs and find the right solution. Call or write and have a chat with Tina or Carsten:

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