Get your new copier on subscription – free printouts*!

  • Free printouts in both b/w and colour*
  • Fixed subscription price
  • No additional costs
Get your new copier on subscription – free printouts

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Subscription price for our copiers



The compact, economical and lightning-fast A4 all-in-one printer for the small office or shop.

  • Up to 1.000 pages/month
  • 34 pages/min.
  • Nationwide service
  • Max. 16 hours call time in error

DKK per month including free printouts
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If you want to keep your costs to a minimum, are self-supporting and do not require fast service.

  • Up to 1.200 pages/month
  • 20 pages/min.
  • Nationwide service
  • Max. 16 hours call time in error

DKK per month including free printouts
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If you want to keep your costs to a minimum, are self-supporting and do not require fast service.

  • Up to 4.000 pages/month
  • 25 pages/min.
  • Nationwide service
  • Max. 8 hours call time in error

DKK per month including free printouts
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If you want to keep your costs to a minimum, are self-supporting and do not require fast service.

  • Up to 8.000 pages/month
  • 25 pages/min.
  • Nationwide service
  • Max. 8 hours call time in error

DKK per month including free printouts
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The subscription price includes everything you need: Printer rental, all your printouts, including service, all toner usage and shipping of toners. The only thing that you have to pay for is your paper and power to the machine. There is a fair-use-limit of 8,000 pages per month and we do not distinguish between black/white and color pages. If you exceed the fair-use limit, you will be settled with DKK 0.49 per page. The machine and usage are calculated for normal all-round office operation, i.e. not for printing companies, etc.

We rent professional printers and copiers on fair terms

PrinterGuys hand the freedom back to our customers. We offer printers and copiers to businesses on fair and transparent terms. This applies to both renting and purchasing printers and copiers.

No minimum contract term or notice period
When you have a printer subscription with PrinterGuys, you can cancel the contract immediately.

Nationwide service
If against all expectations, anything should go wrong, we can provide support throughout the country.

Automatic toner ordering
We automatically send a new free shipment of fresh supplies before you run out of toner.

A rock-bottom price
You can rent a professional copier including all your printouts from only DKK 800 per month.

A fantastic multi-machine
Our copiers can print and scan, and we guarantee that you get one of the best machines.

Transparent contract
Our printer subscription is easy to understand! The contract states what is included and what is NOT included. There is no “small print”.

Do as our customers do: Rent your printer and copier

“PrinterGuys make it easy for us. There’s no minimum contract term, and we don’t have to worry about when to buy toner. New cartridges are always sent and delivered before we run out. The main advantage is the fact that there is no headache, and we pay a fixed monthly price for our copiers.”

“PrinterGuys have a fair and transparent concept that suits our dynamic company, where our need to print, scan and copy changes in line with our development. With a printer subscription from PrinterGuys, we have found a simple and inexpensive solution that makes it possible to scale printers to our needs.”

“Just the fact that you aren’t tied hand and foot into a 5-year contract is a priceless feeling. We are a project-orientated organisation, so our need for printers goes up and down. Long-term contracts ​are therefore, poison for us. With PrinterGuys, ​we can adjust up and down as it suits us.”

Dunja og Carsten

Certified and lots of experience

Our position is clear: We take care of your copier. We know it inside and out. And we love our work.

We are some very experienced people who started together in 2001 servicing HP printers. We know that a copier is an essential tool for any business. It just has to work. No frills.

PrinterGuys is a concept that makes it as easy to have a copier as it should be. In our opinion.

Epson Gold Partner

Frequently asked questions

If you are in any doubt, we recommend that you take a look at our help section or visit our video archive.

99% of all printers and copiers in the business community have traditionally been leased. When you lease your equipment, you are tied in for a long period of usually 5 years, which means that you CANNOT return your equipment without further ado. Think about whether a 5-year period is right for you.

At PrinterGuys, we do not tie our customers. You can always return or exchange your equipment. We have neither a minimum contract term nor a notice period on our rental contracts.

With our new Printer Subscription, the operation of your copier is also included at a low fixed monthly price, which means that you will never experience unforeseen costs with us, and you still have the freedom to cancel the contract without notice.

Yes. Our Printer Subscription includes the rent of your printer, as well as all the pages that you print. The machine is designed for normal all-round office operation at your company. In that way, you can budget 100% of your costs, and you will not receive unexpected invoices from us.

Everything is included in the contract: Printer rental, all operation including service and shipping of toner are included in the price. However, there is a high fair-use limit whether it’s colour or b/w printouts and you pay for the paper.

With Basic and Gold, the are copiers are normally second-hand. If you choose Premium, you are guaranteed that we deliver a brand new machine to you.

All of our second-hand machines are ready for operation, reset and checked down to the smallest detail with a checklist that ensures that you always receive a printer that works as it should. So, whether you choose a second-hand or new copier, the machine is in full working order.

Yes, you can. We sell both brand new and second-hand copiers. Give us a call and let us find a fantastic price for you, and you decide whether you want a service agreement on the machine.

When you see the price to lease a copier, you must remember that a lease agreement often runs for 60 months. So you are tied into the copier for 5 years. Meanwhile, your price will change with an index adjustment of up to 10% twice a year.

Over the entire period, it adds up to quite a lot of money – an expense that you probably haven’t figured into your budget. In cases where we have made a detailed price comparison against a lease agreement and our rental concept, the rental the concept is the clear winner as it has no unforeseen costs.

No. You must provide the paper and insert it into the machine, and you are welcome to order it from us.

We use the best paper that we can find. It’s called Inacopia Elite. You pay DKK 249/box including shipping for your printer paper. It’s the same price as an office supplies, and the paper is invoiced according to usage.

Therefore, it makes sense to rent your copier.

Business copier rental

At PrinterGuys, you can rent some of the best copiers on the market from Samsung. They have plenty of brilliant features that make your everyday life much easier. If you need a copier for the office, you’ve come to the right place.

Rent instead of lease

We have been in the business for many years and experienced many customers who have not been happy with their copier lease contracts. They have felt bound by a long contract at an excessively high price. That’s why we at PrinterGuys have put together a rental model that is 100% transparent and where you as a customer know exactly what you are paying for. And not too much!

Therefore, it makes sense to rent your copier

Our rental contract is 100% transparent

Our rental contract is 100% transparent

Often, when you lease a printer, you get a completely incomprehensible and very long contract. We see them every day when new customers moan about their distress. We don’t have that at PrinterGuys. The terms of our rental contract are only one (yes, one!) page long and are written in a language that everyone can understand. It’s not without reason that we have many lawyers among our customers.

There is no contract that binds you

When you rent your copier at PrinterGuys, the only thing that binds you is that you have to pay your bills! When you rent your copier rather than lease it, you are not bound by a long contractual period. You can terminate the contract from day to day, and should there be any prepaid rental, it will, of course, be refunded. With us, you have no worries about outstanding debt, a long notice period or non-transparent fees.

Before you rent a new copier

There are a number of things to consider before renting your new copier. How much do you need to print? Should it be A3 or mostly A4, or should you print in an even larger format? All our copiers can print A3, but if you want to print larger, you need to rent one of our plotters, which you will find here.

It also matters how many employees use the copier. In some cases, you may need two machines to meet your needs.

If you are not sure what your business needs, call us and we can help clarify your needs and find the right solution.

Easy printing with PrinterGuys

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