At PrinterGuys, we take Print-as-a-Service quite literally.
“That’s exactly what we deliver. Nothing else.”

When you look at how PrinterGuys works, you will find that what we offer is the purest form of Print-as-a-Service.

We have removed all the uncertainties, such as owning or leasing, outstanding debt, page prices, “index adjustments” of 5% every 6 months, irrevocable service agreements and all the pitfalls found in the printer industry.

If you need to outsource your printing needs, go for the simplest and most transparent concept available. If you find that there are terms and conditions that you do not understand, then there is something wrong somewhere.

At PrinterGuys, we have removed all the uncertainty. It couldn’t be simpler. For a fixed monthly price, we provide the printers you need. All the time – even if you move departments around, new locations and everything else. We constantly adapt the printers to your needs.

To put it another way: We love printers, and we are committed to solving your printing needs at a fixed monthly price. Quite simply.

Print-as-a-service – here’s how it works:

  • A form of collaboration where we take care of your printing needs
  • You pay a low fixed monthly price
  • We provide the equipment needed to make your users truly satisfied
  • Service and all consumables are included
  • We don’t tie you into our contract – you decide the duration
  • We continuously coordinate the collaboration
  • You are always in charge
  • We cover all of Denmark and most of Sweden

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