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To lease copiers and printers has been the normal method for decades. And then PrinterGuys suddenly appear with a ground-breaking concept which sounds too good to be true! Which should you choose? And what are the real differences?

Rent via PrinterGuys?

Our concept provides 100% transparency. On our website you can see everything you need to know about our renting concept. No bullshit.

You can’t say the same thing about leasing arrangements. First of all, it’s not possible to get the full picture on any website. You will have to phone and book a meeting with a sales rep. And even at that meeting it will be difficult to get all the fine details out in the open. That only happens when you (or your solicitor) read through the lease contract. Probably no one can give you the full overview. Lease contracts are just as individual as the companies behind them. Nevertheless, we are sure of one thing: we have produced a guide with 10 points you have to pay special attention to when leasing a printer/copier.DOWNLOAD GUIDE HERE

We have day-to-day termination. However, note that our “TWELVE-ZERO” plan has a contract period of 12 months.

You call us. Very simple, we think. The next weekday your contract with us terminates. We will contact you to arrange collection of the copier. If you have paid a month’s rent in advance we will return the balance equivalent to the number of days remaining. After collecting the machine we will provide a final invoice based on the number of pages used.

What if I lease?
A typical lease contract runs for 60 months, 20 quarters or quite simply 5 years. So if you want to be on the safe side, you have to be able to predict your print/copy needs 5 years ahead. That’s a long time. Termination is simply not an option with a lease contract. That is, unless you pay the leasing company the remaining balance for the lease period. But why would you want to do that? You might as well keep the machine! Only, your starting point is that you want to be rid of it.

No. You pay for the number of pages printed, as they come out of the machine. Neither more nor less. We settle the account once a quarter when a report from the machine specifies exactly how many and which pages (A4 or A3, black/white or colour) have been churned out.

Why do most companies operate with a minimum print requirement?

For the copier sales rep to be paid commission he will have to provide a full statement about your case. Only in that way can the copier company calculate their total income over the next 5 years. And that is necessary since the day after your signature is on the contract, that contract will be sold on to an external leasing company.

Therefore it is essential that you tie yourself to a minimum print volume per month. Otherwise they can’t calculate their profit. For the same reason it is nearly impossible to alter the minimum print volume in the middle of the contract period. So apart from tying yourself to maybe 5 years for the machine, you also tie yourself to 5000-10000 colour pages per month – whether you print them or not.

It simply means:

At PrinterGuys we have simply dropped any demand for maximum coverage.

Our customers shouldn’t have to spend time on technical details such as coverage percentage. In other words, at PrinterGuys you simply print exactly what you want!

Right now we are the only company in the country who dares to give this free coverage percentage.

Some lease contracts only cover 3% toner for your prints. And that is too little! So take care if it is shown as under 5% since that will give you an unforeseen extra charge.

No. Toner is included in the price per page. We can check your needs and post toner to you as you need it. Naturally, you can also phone and order toner or go to “my page” if you are running low.

Our only requirement is that you return the old toner cartridges in the post-free container you will get. The reason is that the old cartridges have a value – and, by the way, it’s part of our environmental program.

No. All servicing and any repairs are included in the monthly rental charge. And, naturally, our service is nationwide. PrinterGuys is part of PrintWise – Denmark’s most commited collaborator in the field of printer and plotter solutions, with 20 years experience and with many of Denmark’s leading companies on our list of customers.

Our telephone support line is open weekdays 8-16. Our standard service assures you that we are underway with solving your problem one day after your call, at the latest. Often, things can be solved over the phone or by our having “remote access” to the printer (we will guide you over the phone). If we need to send a technician, this will normally take place within 1-2 days.

And what about servicing if you lease the machine?

Service contracts are typically included in the leasing contract. However, in your first meeting with the copier sales rep he may only mention the lease charge on the machine, but not the service charge, in order to make the offer more attractive.

When you have had the machine for 2-3 years the copier sales rep may call you and explain that your machine has become more expensive to service. That explanation will end in his saying that unless you exchange the machine now you will get an increased charge each month. And who wants that? So of course you must have a new machine – and it’s only a little dearer than the old one, but then, of course, it’s brand new.

Here you have to be alert. It typically ends with a new lease contract which once again could tie you for 5 years (and possibly include the outstanding balance due on the old machine). This could turn into a vicious cycle, with you as the loser.

No. At PrinterGuys the monthly charge which you pay at the start of the contract stays the same after 3, 5 or 7 years if you continue your contract that long. We guarantee that. And remember: you can terminate your contract anytime! So you are not committed to anything!

Of course we may have to alter our rental charges as new machines become more expensive to buy. But that would only apply to new customers! If you already have a rental contract with us then the original price is guaranteed until you terminate the contract. This even applies if we choose to exchange your old machine for a new one.

If I lease my new copier I suppose there will be a fixed charge for the entire contract period?

You must read your lease contract really carefully. Ideally, get your solicitor to examine it because there can be hidden pitfalls in it. An almost universal feature is an annual index adjustment of 3%. You can calculate what this means to your leasing costs in years 3, 4 and 5. A second example is that after 2-3 years you may be contacted by the copier sales rep who will tell you that the machine has become more expensive to service. He will end by saying that if you don’t change the machine now there will be an additional charge each month. And who wants that?
So of course you must have a new machine – it is only a little dearer than the old one, but then, of course, it is new. This may result in a revised lease contract running for 5 more years (and which probably also includes the charge balance on the old machine).

Yes! Samsung is the world’s second-biggest producer of printers.

The only larger producer is Canon (who produce all HP’s printers).

It’s relatively new that Samsung have applied their brand to their printers. In Finland, for example, Samsung is the most sold machine, with the Finnish military using Samsung machines everywhere. Among Danish companies, JYSK chose last year to change ALL their printers around the world to Samsung machines.

Samsung produce printers for DELL, Konica Minolta, Xerox and Lexmark, for example. You probably know them well…

No. Our price per page will not increase once you have made a copier contract with us for a specific type of machine.

And we don’t use such methods as index charge increase, administration fees, environmental fees, delivery charge and other additional costs. At PrinterGuys you rent your copier without complications and smart lease contracts.

Those of our customers who provide office accommodation are often interested to know how much their respective clients print, in order to distribute the costs according to use.

This is actually a built-in function with all our copiers, so you can see how much each one prints.

In practice, this works through setting-up each user’s account centrally on the copier.
Then the users must identify themselves via their computer (only once) so the copier recognizes who is printing – and how much. You can obtain the resulting printer use report for a particular period via an Excel file.

It doesn’t cost you anything to use this Accounting function as it is built-in to the copier, but you must expect 1-4 hours additional installation time and training at €130 per hour.

After that, it’s a straightforward system for the person who is responsible for keeping track of copies and printer use.

In some cases, yes. But in most cases, no.

When you compare the price for buying a copier you must be aware that with our rented copiers you will get a full service contract with the machine. This means that you won’t face any costs for servicing and repairing the copier. That could be very expensive with a used copier.

You must also check what the price per page will be if you buy a copier. The smallest copiers and multi-function printers are really expensive in use. In the same way, if you buy a used copier you must check the toner price BEFORE you buy it. The toners can be expensive.

In most cases it is cheapest to rent your copier from PrinterGuys. Especially after we have launched our START-UP price model where the rental price is only kr. 299 per month. Now that’s cheap!

All page prices refer to an A4 page which is printed on one side. This is the standard for page prices which all printers and copiers use. The two figures refer to the page price for, respectively, a black/white page and a colour page.

But our copiers can print on both sides of the paper in both A4 and A3. So what does it cost to print such pages?

You calculate the prices like this:

1 A3 page = 2 x A4 pages (one A3 page is double the size of an A4 page)
One duplex page = 2 x normal pages (one duplex page is printed on both sides, therefore it costs twice as much no matter whether it is black/white or in colour)

There is no price difference whether you print a document or take an old-fashioned copy.

Note that there is no demand for any specific coverage percentage, meaning how much colour is on the page. Others often set a maximum of 5% coverage.

No. Only in very special cases can we deliver the machine on two pallets at the kerb. This is for customers who have many of our copiers, where we have trained their IT people in installing the copiers themselves.

And this is not because we are greedy people who are only after your money! It’s because those customers who have (earlier on) installed the machine themselves actually haven’t been very satisfied with it afterwards. It didn’t make their working day easier in the way they had hoped – and they experienced just as many problems as with their old machine.

Bearing this in mind, we have decided that it is PrinterGuys who should install the machines which we supply.

In this way we can all be 100% sure that everything works as it should, and that you will save time on your new machine in future – and not least that your work will be easier on a day-to-day basis.

Yes, you certainly can. The Samsung CLX-9301 with 4 trays which we use costs €4.240 + VAT, complete and ready to run and with a full set of toners

Sometimes it is also possible to buy a copier which has been used by one of our customers. We don’t have many used copiers for sale since we only rarely get them returned from customers. A used copier typically costs kr. 18000 – 22000 + moms and is delivered with extra toners so that it is always at least 75% full on average for all the toners. It doesn’t make much sense to buy an empty copier, does it?

All our used copiers have always been serviced by our own technicians who are specialists in Samsung copiers. Therefore you can be sure of a problem-free machine – even if it’s used. We obviously give a 12-month on-site guarantee on used copiers.

There is also the possibility of a full service contract including your use of toners. Exactly as if you had rented your copier from PrinterGuys.

Phone us on 70225585 if you want to buy a used copier which you can be sure will work.

The PrinterGuys concept is 100% transparent and flexible. That appeals to us. It’s as simple as that.
JKE Design
Just the fact that you are not tied hand and foot to a five-year contract is a great feeling. We needed an extra copier and one day later it was delivered and installed, ready for use. So now we have two copiers from PrinterGuys!
Janne Poulsen, SEED Capital
There were two options: leasing or buying our own printer/copier. We spent hours in meetings with sales reps and looking through contracts. Then PrinterGuys arrived. After ten minutes our new machine was ordered. The price is competitive, the flexibility is unbeatable and both the machine and level of service are the best. Isn’t that what you call a “no brainer” decision?
Wenzel + Tuxen arkitekter
The price is competitive, the flexibility is unbeatable, and both the machine and the level of service are the best. Isn’t that what you call a “no brainer” decision?
Tænketanken Europa
We are a project-oriented organisation so our need for printers goes up and down. Therefore, long term contracts are a no-no for us. Using PrinterGuys we can shift our requirement up and down, just as we need.
Janne Poulsen, SEED Capital
At last we found a concept for copiers that we can understand. Thank you, PrinterGuys!
Skelhøje Købmandsgaard
You have come up with a brilliant concept. In all our comparisons, you are the cheapest!
Lars Nielsen, Købmand
If you have cheated us with the contract then you have hidden it really well!
Esbjerg Ingeniørerne, Jacob Holmgaard Rasmussen

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